Airport plan WILL waste money AND could cost lives 

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    1. Who Are We? Download
    2. Safety of Residents Ignored. Download
    3. Money Down the Drain? Download
    4. Environmental Impact. Download
    5. Option 1 Future. Download
    6. Option 2 Future. Download
    7. Noel Filmer Communication 25th June 13. Download
    8. Richard Kidd Communication 27th June 13. Download
    9. TPS Consultant’s Report Aug 2012 (What the council knew a year ago!) Download
    10. Lying by Omission? Post Download
    11. W S Atkins Rochester Airfield Review Dec 2000 summary and option schematics only  Download
    12. Councillor Jarrett Answer to Q2.7 Full Council Meeting 25th July Download
    13. Medway Council Public Consultation feedback form Download
    14. Medway Council Public Consultation Material 22-23 July 2013 DownloadASA complaint Brief  Download
    15. Medway Council Reply Aug 7 to Petition submission July 25 – 2013 Download
    16. Councillor Sylvia Griffin audio file on Rochester Airport 25th July 2013 Download
    17. Councillor Rupert Turpin audio file on Rochester Airport 25th July 2013 Download
    18. Councillor Tristan Osbourne audio file on Rochester Airport 25th July 2013 Download
    19. Rochester Airport Fees 2013 Download
    20. Opinion Medway Messenger Friday, April 25th 2008 Download
    21. RACC Meeting minutes 14th Dec 2012 Download
    22. RACC Meeting minutes 24th July 2013 Download
    23. Say No to Rochester Airport Update 8. 13th Oct 2013 Download
    24. Council Meeting Public Questions and Answers Oct 17, 2013. Part 1 Download
    25. Council Meeting Public Questions and Answers  Oct 17, 2013. Part 2 Download
    26. Teresa Murray and Vince Maple on opposition and representation. Download
    27. Special Update – Compensation and Pledge Download
    28. All Say NO to Rochester Airport Masterplan Updates in date order Download
    29. Catherine Smith Medway Council Report Correction Nov 23, 2013 Download
    30. Nathaniel Lichfield and Partner public consultation feedback Download
    31. BEM Post KM on Line 27th November Idiot comment  Download
    32. BEM Post KM on Line 27th November Costs of paved runway reply Download
    33. Complaint to Medway Council on Government guidelines breach Download
    34. Medway Council stage 1 complaint response Download
    35. Hugh James Letter to Medway Council Jan 16, 2014 Download
    36. Hugh James Letter to Rochester Airport Limited Jan 16, 2014 Download
    37. Public Questions, Council meeting Jan 23, 2014 Download
    38. School Airport Masterplan  letter and survey March 2014 Download
    39. Tonbridge and Malling Councillor Open letter on Kings Hill or Airport? Download
    40. Tonbridge and Malling Councillor Heslop reply letter dated 21st March 2104 Download
    41. Local Government Ombudsman Complaint Download
    42. Air movements FOIA request and stage 1 complaint Download
    43. St Stephens Church Parish Magazine Article Download
    44. Medway Matters Article April/May 2014 Download
    45. ACCON Noise Assessment July 2013 Download
    46. CAA AIP Rochester Airport Download
    47. Planning Committee open letter 19th Feb 2014 – Non compliant SPD status. Download
    48. Clr Chitty audio 24th April Council meeting Download
    49. RACC Minutes 2011 Download
    50. 29th April – Rochester Airport Screening Opinion (EIA) application determination Download
    51. Rochester Airport building Plans 29th April 2014 Download
    52. Rochester Airport paved runway plans 29th April 2014 Download
    53. Labour Party £4.4 million Rochester Airport spend survey Download
    54. Bloomfields Screening Opinion on behalf of Rochester Airport July 2014 Download
    55. AIP Rochester Airfield ETGO diagram “Noise Sensitive area” Download
    56. Redhill Aerodrome Government Planning Inspectorate determination 18th Feb 2014 Download
    57. MC/14/2159 Screening Opinion Comments submission Aug 17 2014 Download
    58. Medway Council determination MC/14/2159 that no EIA is required Download
    59. Medway Council determination applicant notification MC/14/2159 Download
    60. Stage 1 complaint on determination MC/14/2159 Download
    61. FOIA request pertaining to determination MC/14/2159 Download
    62. Open Letter to Editor KM on Medway Tory Council gagging public questions Download
    63. Councillor Rodney Chambers comments 24th April 2014 Council on Secretary of State accounting directive Download
    64. Dave Harris Medway Head of Planning stage 1 reply dated 12th September http Download
    65. Our Evasive Ward Councillors Download
    66. Planning Application submitted Update 4th October 2014 Download
    67. Councillor Jarrett statement on planning application 23rd Jan 2104 Council Meeting Download
    68. Does Kelly Tolhurst have a brain or is she a dictator? Listen to her  answer at the Conservative Rochester and Strood MP selection meeting and decide for yourself.  Download
    69. How to make an online planning application comment update. Download
    70. Kelly Tolhurst Rochester and Strood MP Candidate. Does she care about children’s learning environment? Listen to her answer at Council 24th April and decide for yourself. Download
    71. Don’t vote Conservative video sticker Download
    72. Naushabah Khan Labour Rochester Airport survey. Download
    73. Medway Councillor Peter Hicks recommendation to voters audio file Download
    74. Naushabah Khan (Labour) Airport Development Opposition Letter Download
    75. TMBC Planning Application objection dated 3rd Dec 2014 Download
    76. Medway Council Planning Application additional objection 18th Dec 2014 Download
    77. Medway Council Planning Application objection 29th October 2014 Download
    78. Residential Impact Analysis Rochester Airport Download
    79. Councillor Jarrett Jan 23 2014 Council promise of public consultation prior to submission of plans Download
    80. Medway Council Planning Feb 4 2015 audio recording Download
    81. Submission to Medway Planning mtg 4th Feb “Residential Impact.” Download
    82. UKIP Airport Questionnaire – Survey Feb 2015 Download
    83. AoONB Kent strongly Oppose Plans Download
    84. Aylesford Planning meeting 4th Nov 2014 close audio recording Download
    85. Mark Reckless Airport Survey results letter 27th March 2015 Download
    86. Safeguarding the Airport – Endangering a Community election leaflet – Think how you vote Download
    87. Cole Jarman Rochester Airport Planning Review Download
    88. MAS Noise Consultant Letter Jan 27 2016 Download
    89. MAS Noise Consultant Letter Feb 4 2015 Download
    90. Rochester Airport Ltd Environ Noise Report Ver 5 Feb 2015 Download
    91. MC/14/2914 PDF Submission document 12th Feb 2016 Download
    92. MC/14/2914 MS Word Submission document 12th Feb 2016 Download
    93. Bloomfield MC/14/2914 amendment explanation letter dated Dec 23, 2016 Download
    94. Air Crashes Raise Safety Question News Article Download
    95. ‘Act Now’ Pilot Appeals for safe-landing zone News Article Download
    96. ‘Waiting in Fear’ News Article Download
    97. TMBC EIA Screening Opinion MC-16-4534 Submission Download
    98. Say No EIA Screening Opinion MC-16-4534 Submission Download
    99. Medway Council LPA Notification letter MC/14/2914 Download
    100. MC/14/2914 Amended proposed red line area site plan Download
    101. MC/14/2914 Amended site condition photos Dec 2016 Download
    102. MC/14/2914 Hangar 5 and 6 drawings Download
    103. MC/14/2914 MAPS Hangar drawings Download
    104. Medway Council – NLP engagement letter dated 8 Aug 2016  Download
    105. Refused March 15 2017 planning representation Download
    106. KSSAAS Letter March 2017 to CEO Mr Bell Download
    107. KSSAAS Carter Jones Planning statement MC/17/0931 Download
    108. KSSAAS Design and Access statement MC/17/0931  Download
    109. Aircraft height comparison schematic Rochester Airport boundary Download
    110. TMBC Screening Opinion MC/16/4534 Public safety Download
    111. Say No MC/17/3109 planning comment Nov 1, 2017 Download
    112. Highways England MC/17/3109 comment Public Safety Download
    113. Medway Council notification letter to close 16/34 runway 8 Dec 2016  Download
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